Teen Hematology and Oncology Support Group

Walk It Out For Andrew operates as the sole benefactor of the Teen Hematology and Oncology Support Group at Advocate Children’s Hospital. The Support Group is run by Child Life Specialists and Therapists that organize monthly outings for the teen patients all at no cost to their families.

Think of Support Group Outing as a field trip for the teens. The Chicagoland area is home to many unique, world class experiences, sites and attractions enjoyed by millions of residents and visitors from around the world. Check out our Support Group Outings Gallery.

As the sole benefactor of the Teen Hematology and Oncology Support Group, WIOFA provides all the required funding for as many teens as possible to attend any of these Support Group Outings throughout the year.

Tickets, admission and entrance costs to attend the month’s Support Group Outing

Transportation for all the teens to travel from the hospital(s) to the Support Group Outing together

Food and drinks during the outing

Those are just the tangible costs of what our fundraising provides.

More than that, Support Group Outings –

create friendships

“These outings mean a lot to me because I made a lot of friends, and if the group starts to grow then more teens will start to come.”

help kids open up about their shared experiences

“For me, it means being able to hang out with people who have gone through the same treatment as me, someone I can talk to and be myself, a way to make new friends I can relate to.”

celebrate life

“I cannot describe how special it is to be around people your age that understand what you went through firsthand and celebrate our life and health with them by sharing wonderful experiences in the outings.”